1,000,000 Book & Course Giveaway

“I just wanted to say that I am extremely thankful for your book. It has literally saved my life.While I was in the psychiatric hospital after my suicide attempt, I met quite a few other people who were in a similar place I was in, whom I now call friends.They were hopeless, depressed, and just down and out. I thought of your book and wanted to help them see the world in a new way as I have…”

Jeremy, Central Ohio


More than 20,000,000 people annually try to take their own life, and 1,000,000 actually kill themselves. For the last 18 years in a row, suicide rates have increased significantly every year. Drug abuse and overdoses are at epidemic proportions. Why is this happening? Because we were not taught how to be in control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Working with our professional translation partners, we will convert all of the processes we have created into each major language. This must be done by a human expert who understands the subtleties of languages. These processes include a digital happiness assessment which creates a happiness baseline score, Think Yourself Happy the book, and a 5.5-hour online video course that Greg teaches which includes a digital workbook. All of these will also need to include website translations.